It’s time for a shakeup in Annapolis.

Uniting to "Change Annapolis" for the better.


“It’s time for a shakeup in Annapolis.  For decades, entrenched politicians and gerrymandered districts have ensured an endless cycle of one-party rule and lopsided legislation.  The political elite protect their own and leave Maryland’s businesses and taxpayers behind.  Decision-makers in the Establishment leadership stack the deck against small-government, pro-business legislators and candidates by drawing unrepresentative districts, killing common-sense legislation, and ensuring that opposing voices remain unheard.  We are a group of business owners, taxpayers, and hard-working Maryland citizens that are uniting to “Change Annapolis” for the better.”

Our people make

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We are a group of business owners, taxpayers, and hard-working Maryland citizens that are uniting to “Change Annapolis” for the better.  We represent diverse industries and interests from every region of the state, and we are coming together to end the cycle of one-party rule and lopsided legislation that leaves Maryland’s businesses and taxpayers behind.


We want a state government that works for ALL of Maryland, not just decision-makers in the Democratic leadership and the special interests that support them.  We want to promote a common-sense legislative agenda that prioritizes tax relief, regulatory reform, and a smaller state government that puts All Marylander's our businesses and taxpayers first.

Our Mission

The election of Governor Larry Hogan in 2014 dealt a blow to the political monopoly that one party has enjoyed over Maryland’s legislative process for so long.  Governor Hogan’s popularity and pro-business message along with a bipartisan message helped Republicans gain two new Senate seats and add seven new Delegates in 2014.  Currently, there are more Republicans in the House of Delegates (50) than ever before.


The mission of Change Annapolis is to help create a true two party system in Maryland and allow Republicans to pick-up at least seven more House seats and five more Senate seats in 2018, raising the number of Delegates to an unprecedented and all-important 57 members and the number of Republican Senators to 19.


With 57 members in the House of Delegates and 19 Senators, the business community will be able to:


  • Sustain any of Governor Hogan’s vetoes and stop bad legislation pushed by the Annapolis political machine

  • Influence the upcoming redistricting process and end the practice of gerrymandering, which leads to one party rule by drawing of unfair, unrepresentative districts, which will allow a bipartisan approach with both parties working together to achieve the best results for of all of Maryland.

  • Force House of Delegates and Senate Leadership to compromise on key aspects of important legislation and work with Governor Hogan and Republicans to pursue a more bipartisan legislative future


Without gaining these seats, Republicans will remain a silent minority, and the Democrat’s political and legislative monopolies will be preserved for decades to come.


The 2018 election cycle presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for pro-business, conservative Marylanders to shape the state’s political landscape and ensure a seat at the table for those who, until now, have been ignored.

The mission of Change Annapolis is to:


  • Identify the several legislative districts in which Republicans can compete and win in 2018.
  • Recruit and support pro-business, small government candidates for toss-up legislative districts who support economic growth, less regulations and a competitive business environment.
  • Target vulnerable non business friendly incumbents, who have prioritized the wishes of their party’s leadership over the interests of their districts and constituents.
  • Inspire, excite and educate voters across Maryland.
  • Represent all Marylanders, be a voice for all classes, races and religions

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Authority: Change Annapolis PAC, James Appel , Treasurer

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