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We are a group of business owners, taxpayers, and hard-working Maryland citizens that are uniting to “Change Annapolis” for the better.  We represent diverse industries and interests from every region of the state, and we are coming together to end the cycle of one-party rule and lopsided legislation that leaves Maryland’s businesses and taxpayers behind.


We want a state government that works for ALL of Maryland, not just decision-makers in the Democratic leadership and the special interests that support them.  We want to promote a common-sense legislative agenda that prioritizes tax relief, regulatory reform, and a smaller state government that puts All Marylander's our businesses and taxpayers first.

  • Dustin Freas  [Chairman]
  • Jeremy Irons [Vice Chairman]
  • James Appel   [Treasurer]
  • Andréa Beall  [Secretary]

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Change Annapolis Board Members

157 Baltimore St, Cumberland, Maryland 21502, United States

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