It’s time for a shakeup in Annapolis.

Uniting to "Change Annapolis" for the better.


“It’s time for a shakeup in Annapolis.  For decades, entrenched politicians and gerrymandered districts have ensured an endless cycle of one-party rule and lopsided legislation.  The political elite protect their own and leave Maryland’s businesses and taxpayers behind.  Decision-makers in the Establishment leadership stack the deck against small-government, pro-business legislators and candidates by drawing unrepresentative districts, killing common-sense legislation, and ensuring that opposing voices remain unheard.  We are a group of business owners, taxpayers, and hard-working Maryland citizens that are uniting to “Change Annapolis” for the better.”

157 Baltimore St, Cumberland, Maryland 21502, United States

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Authority: Change Annapolis PAC, James Appel , Treasurer

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